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Multimedia Conversions


8mm, Hi 8, Digital 8, VHS, Mini-VHS, BetaMax, SuperBeta, etc. (whew that's a lot of tapes).

With the multitude of tape formats that have seen their glory days rise and fall comes with them a mountain of memories. These treasures sit in closets, attics and basements, hidden from the loved ones who could enjoy them if only the obsolescence of technology hadn't taken over. These memories don't have to be lost and can be converted to a format that can be enjoyed for the years to come.

The Conversion Process:
Our conversion process allows your old tape formats to be restored through a specialized process. This process utilizes high end tape heads in order to read the data from the tape and convert it into a purely digital format. Our tape decks are kept clean to provide the maximum clarity possible. Upon conversion this digital format can be further manipulated to enhance colors, increase sound quality and edited to include just the pieces you would like.

We can also repair some damaged and torn tapes, restoring the ability for you to transfer and enjoy your memories.

The downside to tapes:
The tape medium has a number of flaws that lead them to degrade over time. The magnetic nature of the film can lose its charge over time causing a decay in what was recorded to it. Because there is a metallic film on the tapes they can actually rust over time.  If stored around moisture it can cause mold to grow around the film. The magnetic film in the tapes can become damaged enough to tear within the players they are dedicated to. Use of the fast-forward and rewind features on VCRs can cause the film to be stretched leading to tracking errors. The film can also break down after multiple watchings.  Some of the lower grade quality tapes will breakdown faster over time and use. As the film is magnetic it can also become demagnetized if placed closely to certain electronic equipment causing the data to be corrupted.

Storage of tapes:
It is best to store tapes in a dry, temperature controlled environment. Excess heat or cold can damage the film. Also excessive changes in temperature can cause the film to shrink and expand stretching the film. Moisture can lead to water damage and mold growth ruining the film. Keep the tapes stored in a sealed enclosure such as sealable plastic bin in order to prevent excess dust and particle build up on tapes. Keep tapes away from electronic equipment such as stereo speakers, setting on top of VCRs and other magnetic related equipment.

Film Conversion Process:
8mm and 16mm Film reels can be converted to hi-definition digital formats to be enjoyed for years to come. This process takes your film reels and first utilizes a process that cleans the film ensuring the removal of dust and other unwanted particles that can disrupt the final quality. Once cleaned the reel can be scanned whether the sprocket holes are intact or not. This scanning process stabilizes the film reducing the jumpy frames that usually occurs when viewing through a projector or with other digitizing processes. This process also uses special color sensors to make sure that the color quality is at its best. The digitizing process also allows for the colors within the film to be further enhanced using color correction software. The digital footage can then be edited and combined to allow for the maximum amount of reels to be placed on a single DVD, Blu-Ray Disc or another Hi-Def Media File.

Storage of Film:
When storing film it is best to keep in a dry, climate controlled space. Keeping reels in a corrosion free environment prevents the reel itself from rusting leading to damage of film. Reels should be horizontally stacked, in a room with low temperature and humidity. As the film needs to breathe the reels should be allowed some means of ventilation. Avoid placing reels near any chemicals that can have toxic fumes such as paint or car exhaust.
As much of the old 8 and 16mm film is made with an acetate base the film can under go decay from the acid formed by the film itself. This leads to what is commonly known as the 'Vinegar Syndrome' which, as the name states, produces a strange odor that closely resembles either vinegar or ammonia.
Digital Formats:
DVD- DVDs are formatted for optical disc storage. Using a multi-layered method allows DVDs to store larger amounts of digital data. Different amounts of data can be stored on a DVD depending on size, layers and the use of multiple sides.

Blu-ray – Formatted with multiple layers, Blu-ray discs allow a greater amount of data to be stored on them. Blu-ray discs use a different wavelength of light (blue light thus the name blu-ray) that allows for a greater density of information to be stored and thus a higher resolution of playback.

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Our Video conversion packages

Standard Package – $14.95 to $19.95

  • Video conversion – up to 2 hours

  • 1 Master DVD

  • Chapter marks every 5-10 minutes

  • Slim CD jewel case

  • Black text only insert

  • Standard DVD menu template

* Special Offer! *
Add a duplicate copy of your master DVD for only $5 more with any Standard Package transfer!


Custom Package – starting at $45.95

  • Video conversion

  • 1 Master DVD

  • Basic trimming, editing, and transitions*

  • Custom DVD menu

  • Custom chapter marks

  • Premium DVD case

  • Custom full color case insert w/picture(s)*

*Includes 30 minutes of design time, and 30 minutes of editing time.


Additional Services

DVD Duplication:

  • DVD w/ Slim Jewel Case – $7 each
  • DVD w/ Premium DVD Case – $10 each

For bulk DVD duplication, please contact us for more information.


CD Duplication:

  • CD copy w/Slim Jewel Case – $5

For bulk CD duplication, please contact us for more information.


Editing & Design time:

  • $50 per hour – flat rate



  • Slim CD Jewel case w/ grayscale insert – $1
  • Slim CD Jewel case w/ full color insert – $2
  • Premium DVD case w/ full color insert – $3
  • Premium DVD case – no insert – $2


Audio Conversions

Need your old cassette tapes, reel-to-reels, or vinyl records converted to CD or a digital format?  We can also do that for you!  Please contact us for more information.


Getting started

 First off to save a bit of time download, print and fill out one of our forms listed below (just click on the form you need):

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Bring in your tapes with your form and our friendly staff will be more than happy to process your order.

How long will it take? Typically it will take between 3 to 10 days from the time you drop off your vhs tapes and a few more days (up to 14 days) for 8 mm conversions. If you have many tapes please allow more time.

"Can you duplicate my copyrighted materials?"  No, it is against Federal Law to duplicate any copyrighted materials. In fact most of the "Big Box" stores that claim to do this, do not duplicate the material rather they stamp the media and give you access to a digital version not a copy.

If there are any questions just call or email us.