Creating Your Own Business Card

When creating your own business card you want to keep a few things in mind. Organization, simplicity, visual appeal, and a clear professional statement are key elements of a good card design. This can be done easily. When laying out your card make sure your text is organized. Try to organize your text in groups such as contact info or address. Emphasize things like your business name, your name and phone number. Use no more than three fonts. Try to use nothing bigger than 12 point font on everything but a name or the company name. Nothing smaller than 7 or 8 on any text. Use a picture or graphic that is simple and interesting to display. (For example: a hammer for a handy man to get the point across quickly.)

We have templates you can download to make this process easy. First download the Business Card Template. Lay out your business card within the dotted lines. A standard business card is 2" x 3.5" including a space for the margins. Leave at least 3/16" around all 4 sides. This is why you should lay out all text inside the dotted line. Any images or background colors can go out to the edge if you want them to. This is called a bleed edge.

Once you have your card the way you want it and you are ready to print. Download the Sheet of Business Cards with Crop Marks to lay your cards out on a sheet of 8.5" x 11" so you can put 10 cards on a sheet. The crop marks are there to help you when you trim your cards. Lay your cards over the outlined boxes.

You can now print these yourself or take them to your local printer and have them printed and save you some money.

There are three templates to chose from.

*We recommend Illustrator over photoshop.

– Cards with a bleed (images that go to the edge) use a different template. That will be available in the future.